Finally! A Protein Shaker Bottle for Women!

I found a shaker bottle that changed my life and saved my thumbs!

I enjoy making a healthy protein shake. I get to add in my favorite protein powder, fruits, maybe some veggies, or even coffee in the morning. I like to take it with me to drink after a workout at the gym. What I don't like, is that I can never get the darn lid open. I struggle endlessly trying to wedge it under my arm while pulling at the lid. Maybe if I use two thumbs and push as hard as I can... I stand in the gym fighting with my shaker bottle until a man comes over and asks if I need any help. I don't want to say yes, but the truth is... I do. So after he opens it so easily, he walks off chuckling to go tell his friends how he saved the day. It's not that I'm weak! Well I guess I am. I wasn't focusing my workouts on building up my thumb strength, just to be able to open the lid to my shake. I figured that trying to open the lid was strain enough. 

I finally found a shaker bottle to solve all of my problems. 

The Hoople AUTO-FLIP Series Shaker Bottle was made for women! Or anyone that want's to open a bottle easily with the push of a button.

             The sophisticated design of the AUTO-FLIP Shaker Bottle allows users t o make smoothies and shakes in only a few steps. The AUTO-FLIP lid is easily opened with one hand giving the user the freedom to take a drink without stopping a workout or struggling with the lid. The Lid is also spring loaded. Meaning it will not fall back and hit you in the face every time you tip it up to take a drink. One-handed, push-button lid operation with hygienic spout cover and lock out trigger latch.


Don't think that because it opens easily means that it will leak and accidentally open when you don't want it to. It has a lock! That can also easily be locked and unlocked with one hand. The bottle truly has everything.



Features a unique rounded base for better mixing and easier cleaning. Internal rounded bottom keeps protein powder from sticking and reduces powder clumps. Easier to clean. Shaker ball is light weight but powerful. Large enough that it does not fit through mouth piece. The powerful mixing ball will blend your drink and will not come out of the wide mouth opening. Plus it's easier to clean than the wire whisk balls.


The 24 ounce capacity is perfect for added the right amount of protein powder, milk, and anything else you may want to add. With the measurements embossed on the bottle you can easily add the precise amount of liquid for the perfect protein shake.


There are so many amazing colors to chose from. I personally like to interchange the lids and bottles to make it more colorful.