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Highly recommend this shaker bottle. I bought two, use them for protein powder, smoothies, and plain water, and I'm very happy with their performance.

-The design of the bottle and ball makes it easy to clean with just your hand and a sponge.
-The lid is secure when shaking and being carried around in a backpack or purse. The snap-lock with the extra loop-lock are super convenient and give me peace of mind when the bottle is loose in my pack.
-Durable. I've used it almost everyday for 3 months and everything seems to be holding up well.
-The cap snaps back and stays so it's not flopping in your face when you drink.


I love these shaker bottles. If you have ever owned any shaker bottles you will know what a hassle they are to clean!

These shaker bottles are easy to clean and the lid is secure! It's a two lock mechanism that is great.

I highly recommend these!

Cesar Lopez

Good shaker bottles, I purchased 4 and I was overall happy. I realized the next day that one bottle had been damaged during the shipping process.  I contacted customer service and they sent me out a replacement right away. I was very happy with my purchase and their service.

Luis Anaya